Student’s Salvation

Its kinnda spooky to think about the life after college. Everything will be changed, no more bunks, no more parties depending on your wallets; no more fights, actually saying, no more life. The bottom line is golden life will end. It’ll happen one or the other day and yes, it’s happening in 6months!
Bro, this is where we draw the line, this student life is coming to an end, you’ll need to make them count, and at the end of the day you should be able to say proudly, ‘it was worth the wait.’ Someone has rightly said, if you want something to happen that never happened, then you‘ve to do something you never did. The best part in SIT was late night CS matches, early morning bread omelets, Tufrey at 10 o’ clock break and the rush to JB after sunset, priceless. Those moments always will be treasured for life.
        Don’t know where it all changed, still there are Coffee shop, BBC, Infinity road and of course the AD block, where it had all been written. #Results. Anyway ‘whatever happens, happens for good.’ “Fingers crossed.” Thank you SIT for giving me what I deserved. Thank you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Posted by Unknown

Regret your choices.

“I must have done something for this whole process to fall apart!”
If I say, I did certain things or joined certain group without thinking or without calculations, it would be nonsensical, rather it was sheer madness. ‘You see, Madness is just like gravity, all it takes is just a lil push’. Everyone does things with a hidden profit inside, alright. They may not show it, but it’s always there. You may think you never did something where your personal profit was nowhere concerned, but it always did, if you don’t believe me, try exploring your mind with honesty, and self-evaluate yourself, don’t try to prove yourself out of some miss placed sense of self-righteousness. You’ll come to know what kind of person you really are.
You continuously manipulate your mind to hide it or you don’t want to see it the way it is or You’re just afraid of what it might show.
You can do things entirely for others. This is possible only when you are ready to go to greater depths for your decisions and you should not expect to see the result or the end of it.  When you see the end or expect a result, your mind starts to calculate the profit out of it at the backstage. Your decisions will be involuntary and will be decided based on your desires. That is the nature of #Mankind, most selfish animal. 
Tomorrow when I wake up, I want to be a kid again and I want these days just to be a #BadDream. I want to re-consider my choices more wisely. I’m not saying that I did things without any self-desire, it’s just that my desires seemed very little and worthless then, so dint consider them. Now I see the bigger picture, everything has fallen apart. I take the entire blame on me, it was my immature mind who took decisions and I regret those. Some say,‘Never regret things which once made you smile’, true, but it’s just to console your present situation. I believe, “If you don’t regret your decisions, you are tend to make the same mistakes again” and the second time you make the same mistake, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice!!
People like to be lied, the only thing they don’t like is a lie ruined by a truth. Period.
I don’t know why I’m writing such things, may be ‘coz I’m a Sadist.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Posted by Unknown

Aap Chutiye Hain

Well, It was my crush's b'day, I wanted to do something special.
Giving gifts or taking her out, everyone did that! ~No offence~ . So I thought, why dont I build a page and present her :) I wanted to do something which she can never forget or atleast something different!

I never knew html coding, googled about it n came to konw that can help me learn about it. It took me around 4-5 days to know abt it and started coding. Took my friends help to edit and make it The way I wanted it. Took her pics from Fb, created a video. For 3 days I was always thinkin abt page, whatelse to add to it .. always editing it n making it more sweet :) .
Finally the the day came! Wished her n Sent her dat page, a simple appreciation  was lingering in my thought! I knew she would be out wit her bf dat day! so I waited for her reply!! 2 days had passed and she had not yet seen it. next day she was online, replying to the wishes on her wall. I waited, after replying to all she'll look at her page and be happy :) atleast dats what I wanted!!
Finally she saw it!! I waited for her reply! almost 1hr passed and she had not yet replied!! she logged off.
tab mujhe laga.. dude WTF! 3fuckin days I wasted for dat crap!!
said this thing to my friends and there reply was Aap Chutiye Hain!!
lag tho waise hi raha hai .

Monday, April 15, 2013
Posted by Amit Karnik

My Technical seminar '13

How Haptic Technology is Closing the Mechanical Gap
One differentiator that’s always separated humans from robots is our ability to touch and feel, but advances in haptic technology are rapidly closing the mechanical gap. Now researchers are hoping to build an entire generation of robots which can feel. It's called haptic technology, and it represents one of the most challenging research fields in robotics.At its core, haptics is about machines communicating through touch, whether that means a joystick that grinds to a halt when the manipulator it’s commanding hits an obstacle, or a touch screen that buzzes with each tap on its virtual keyboard. Vibration is the most common form of haptic feedback. Haptic technology may ultimately give robots a stronger sense of “self” The field of haptics, in other words, may wind up helping robots first,those machines will need less monitoring. They'll catch the wrench before it tumbles into the plume of oil, or snip a single wire within the bomb's snarl of cables. Call it a happy accident: in the quest to make machines that can transmit touch, and that are easier to control, roboticists have made machines that better control themselves.
Applications of Haptic Technology
1.It's not difficult to think of ways to apply haptics. Video game makers have been early adopters of passive haptics, which takes advantage of vibrating joysticks, controllers and steering wheels to reinforce on-screen activity. 2. soldiers can prepare for battle in a variety of ways, from learning how to defuse a ­bomb to operating a helicopter, tank or fighter jet in virtual combat scenarios. 3.Haptic technology is also widely used in teleoperation, or telerobotics. In a telerobotic system, a human operator controls the movements of a robot that is located some distance away.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Posted by Amit Karnik

The Pain

Well, this summer sem I had to clear 2subjects. At first I took 4subs dropped one 'coz of clash of time table with other subs. It meant I had to clear 2 subs out of 3. I attended the classes, got cie marks around 30 in each sub I was pretty much happy for tat:). Finally the final exam timetable was announced nd my exams were continuously for 3days! prepared for all of them :) my 1st exam was aec.. the Q-paper was quite easy:) was happy nd started to ans it, last half n hour was left nd I was writing.. at tat time one sir come's nd says to me 'you can't write the exam boy, 'coz you don't have eligibility for this sub!' i was like.. Wtf sir I have cie marks n all!! he said tat I dint 've attendance! :| 'WHY ALWAYS ME' :(  I just left the exam hall in disgust... next day I had Microcontroller nd it was kinda ok ok.. last exam LIC! My preparation was cool... but the Q-paper was like hell.. I've jus written for passing marks nd if I don't I'll be losing another year!! :'(
now I've planned tat if I don't get eligibility I'm gonna quit engineering!! seriously yaar this is too much of wasting time.. just waiting for my results now!!

yay!!! Got my reulsts!! Finally in Final year \m/ 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Posted by Amit Karnik

Again the SIT chapter

So here Im, again in SIT :)) came here on sep 1st .
 again in MGB since last 3yrs :(( my education has become a real comedy!! I 've 1 class each day, that sucks rite.. yeah!! here in MGB it feels like I've taken new admission I've never seen these faces, all I do is sit in front of my lappi whole time or go to backgate. Btw in backgate one of my friend is der even he is in 3rd yr. he is one idiotic fellow he could 've cleared his 3yr again due to his negligence he has to suffer!! sad :(
Me and Remo 've started to do a data entry job, its very simple. all we 've to do is, jus wirte a word document of the Image given!! we 've found a new software dat converts image to microsoft word, since then the job has become super awesome :D they give us somethin like 150 images which we 've to submit in 15days, without errors n they pay rs46 per page so it becomes like rs7000 per 15days awesome alva:D :D!!! we 've taken it for the first time lets see if they really pay! Life main risk lena padta hai yaar :D
                Sadly regret takin it :( as obvious they never paid :(

Monday, September 19, 2011
Posted by Amit Karnik

SeconD Life

Still recovering.. Updating my bl0g as im sitting idle!!
been to my colg wit my Dad, met HOD and I said everything about me n my studies to my Dad  n he was like stunned after hearing my results but the best part is dat he dint scold me, may be b'coz Im stiLL recovering!!
now everything is just goin fine.. need to attend 3rd yr of my engg from Sep. No friends der every1s out its like im the oly 1 from '06 batch!!
Saturday, July 9, 2011
Posted by Amit Karnik
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