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The Pain

Well, this summer sem I had to clear 2subjects. At first I took 4subs dropped one 'coz of clash of time table with other subs. It meant I had to clear 2 subs out of 3. I attended the classes, got cie marks around 30 in each sub I was pretty much happy for tat:). Finally the final exam timetable was announced nd my exams were continuously for 3days! prepared for all of them :) my 1st exam was aec.. the Q-paper was quite easy:) was happy nd started to ans it, last half n hour was left nd I was writing.. at tat time one sir come's nd says to me 'you can't write the exam boy, 'coz you don't have eligibility for this sub!' i was like.. Wtf sir I have cie marks n all!! he said tat I dint 've attendance! :| 'WHY ALWAYS ME' :(  I just left the exam hall in disgust... next day I had Microcontroller nd it was kinda ok ok.. last exam LIC! My preparation was cool... but the Q-paper was like hell.. I've jus written for passing marks nd if I don't I'll be losing another year!! :'(
now I've planned tat if I don't get eligibility I'm gonna quit engineering!! seriously yaar this is too much of wasting time.. just waiting for my results now!!

yay!!! Got my reulsts!! Finally in Final year \m/ 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Posted by Amit Karnik
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