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Again the SIT chapter

So here Im, again in SIT :)) came here on sep 1st .
 again in MGB since last 3yrs :(( my education has become a real comedy!! I 've 1 class each day, that sucks rite.. yeah!! here in MGB it feels like I've taken new admission I've never seen these faces, all I do is sit in front of my lappi whole time or go to backgate. Btw in backgate one of my friend is der even he is in 3rd yr. he is one idiotic fellow he could 've cleared his 3yr again due to his negligence he has to suffer!! sad :(
Me and Remo 've started to do a data entry job, its very simple. all we 've to do is, jus wirte a word document of the Image given!! we 've found a new software dat converts image to microsoft word, since then the job has become super awesome :D they give us somethin like 150 images which we 've to submit in 15days, without errors n they pay rs46 per page so it becomes like rs7000 per 15days awesome alva:D :D!!! we 've taken it for the first time lets see if they really pay! Life main risk lena padta hai yaar :D
                Sadly regret takin it :( as obvious they never paid :(

Monday, September 19, 2011
Posted by Amit Karnik
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