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Regret your choices.

“I must have done something for this whole process to fall apart!”
If I say, I did certain things or joined certain group without thinking or without calculations, it would be nonsensical, rather it was sheer madness. ‘You see, Madness is just like gravity, all it takes is just a lil push’. Everyone does things with a hidden profit inside, alright. They may not show it, but it’s always there. You may think you never did something where your personal profit was nowhere concerned, but it always did, if you don’t believe me, try exploring your mind with honesty, and self-evaluate yourself, don’t try to prove yourself out of some miss placed sense of self-righteousness. You’ll come to know what kind of person you really are.
You continuously manipulate your mind to hide it or you don’t want to see it the way it is or You’re just afraid of what it might show.
You can do things entirely for others. This is possible only when you are ready to go to greater depths for your decisions and you should not expect to see the result or the end of it.  When you see the end or expect a result, your mind starts to calculate the profit out of it at the backstage. Your decisions will be involuntary and will be decided based on your desires. That is the nature of #Mankind, most selfish animal. 
Tomorrow when I wake up, I want to be a kid again and I want these days just to be a #BadDream. I want to re-consider my choices more wisely. I’m not saying that I did things without any self-desire, it’s just that my desires seemed very little and worthless then, so dint consider them. Now I see the bigger picture, everything has fallen apart. I take the entire blame on me, it was my immature mind who took decisions and I regret those. Some say,‘Never regret things which once made you smile’, true, but it’s just to console your present situation. I believe, “If you don’t regret your decisions, you are tend to make the same mistakes again” and the second time you make the same mistake, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice!!
People like to be lied, the only thing they don’t like is a lie ruined by a truth. Period.
I don’t know why I’m writing such things, may be ‘coz I’m a Sadist.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Posted by Amit Karnik
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