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Student’s Salvation

Its kinnda spooky to think about the life after college. Everything will be changed, no more bunks, no more parties depending on your wallets; no more fights, actually saying, no more life. The bottom line is golden life will end. It’ll happen one or the other day and yes, it’s happening in 6months!
Bro, this is where we draw the line, this student life is coming to an end, you’ll need to make them count, and at the end of the day you should be able to say proudly, ‘it was worth the wait.’ Someone has rightly said, if you want something to happen that never happened, then you‘ve to do something you never did. The best part in SIT was late night CS matches, early morning bread omelets, Tufrey at 10 o’ clock break and the rush to JB after sunset, priceless. Those moments always will be treasured for life.
        Don’t know where it all changed, still there are Coffee shop, BBC, Infinity road and of course the AD block, where it had all been written. #Results. Anyway ‘whatever happens, happens for good.’ “Fingers crossed.” Thank you SIT for giving me what I deserved. Thank you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Posted by Amit Karnik
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